How to Test and Improve Your Internet Speed Quickly

Internet connectivity has become essential in our lives. Most of us work from home, while few do the office work from home. Therefore, it is important to have a reliable and fast Internet connection. Many of us complain about slow Internet speed and want to increase it by increasing memory or upgrade system processor or ultimately buy a new computer. You can increase the RAM, if the is RAM is less for the number of programs you use. This slows down not only the computer but also the Internet speed. More RAM can be added any time you feel it is necessary. If you have a 0.5 GB system you may choose to make it to 2 GB and this will certainly make the system faster and the Internet speed too increases.

But if you have a system with high configuration and a high RAM, you may need to think of other choices to run the system as well as the Internet faster. Check if there is anything within the system that is slowing down the Internet speed such as presence of a virus or an adware, spyware or malicious software which will contribute in bringing down the speed of the Internet.

Check the system with the latest version of anti-virus software. Run the scan to see if the system is infected with adware, spyware or a virus. If the scan results show positive, quarantine that particular group and fix the problem. This should automatically increase the system speed as well as the Internet speed.

If the system is not infected with any malicious program and still the Internet speed is low, you can increase by removing all the temporary Internet Files, cookies (not the ones that are eaten, but that of computer’s), remove all those unused programs and files (not used on regular basis by the user but they are always running).

Gone are the dial-up days, when it was taking irritatingly long hours to connect to Internet, with broadband the connectivity should not be an issue at all. Take care of your system and you are connected to the Internet at rocket speed.

Source by Joseph Knuden

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